The IRREGULAR MIGRATION /TRAFFICKING IN PERSONS is an initiative and one the thematic areas of the CYID Mixed Migration Support Working Group createdto engage national and state government agencies on best practices as it relates to rescue and protection of victims of Trafficking in persons.


Irregular migrants are groups who are particularly at risk of being exploited in trafficking and other contexts. People who migrate regularly, with valid travel documents, may also fall victim to traffickers, but the irregular situation of many migrants in irregular movements makes them particularly vulnerable. Many individuals who travel as part of mixed migration flows, may be unaware that they may become victims of trafficking, assuming that they are merely being smuggled to another country. Smuggled migrants voluntarily enter into arrangements with migrant smugglers but may subsequently become victims of crimes, including kidnapping, extortion, rape, assault and trafficking in persons. Some smugglers may put migrants into exploitative situations on the basis of paying off their smuggling debts