Project duration
May- November 2020
Monitoring & Evaluation
Development / Media

SWISS/ CYID Business Growth and Empowerment Program.


The Business Growth and Empowerment Program is an entrepreneurial skills training for 100 Small and Medium enterprises in Abuja for increase in revenue, employment creation and tax compliance. The project was partly sponsored by Embassy of Switzerland in Nigeria with support from Leonhard Prison Entrepreneurship Program Munich Germany and Signage & Souvenir Shop.

The main objective of the program is to provide SMEs with competitive advantage strategies and the ability to tap into the adjacent market.

The project focus of five key modules namely;

1-       Business Management
2-       Operations
3-       Marketing
4-       Human Resources
5-       Financial management.

Project duration: May- November 2020

Monitoring & Evaluation will continue till March 2021

Emilia Clarke
I’m Seyi Samuel, a Fashion designer from cohort 2 in CYID/SWISS Business Growth and Empowerment Program. The training has been an eye opener for me in my business. The way I think has not the same since I started this training. I thank God for bringing me across the director and staff of CYID. It’s been fun and growing period for me. Through CYID I was able to access a lot of opportunities. Thanks to CYID for taking me through this journey.
Seyi Samuel
Fashion Designer
Emilia Clarke
My name is Jude Zachariya Ndak, CEO of Funom Global Investment Limited. Before now, I knew nothing about Business Management, Operations, Marketing, Human Resource and Financial Management. But after attending the business Growth and Empowerment Program organized by CYID and partly funded by the Embassy of Switzerland in Nigeria, I can say without a doubt that I am better equipped on how to run my business. My company was running into so many losses because of poor financial management that it affected the inflow of cash. But now, by implementing the Business Growth Training, I have seen a tremendous change in the operations of my company and I will recommend this training to every other business owners.
Jude Zachariya Ndak
Emilia Clarke
Am Nnamani C. I. David Jr, CEO The King's Ultimate Touch Concepts' Co. LTD. (TKUTC CO. LTD.) An establishment that is into Garment Production. In the course of business, The King's Ult CTimate Touch Concepts' encountered loss as Dress Makers lacked skills at production; which led to their job loses giving raise the growth of unemployment in Nigeria to heat 33.5% as predicted by Nigerian Employer's Consultative Association (NECA) in 2020. To this effect, The King's Ultimate Touch Concepts' diversified her operations into training Dress Makers, Fashion Designers, etc. for the sole purpose of bringing satisfaction to customers, creating job opportunities and encouraging Creativity; this further gave birth to The King's Ultimate Institute of Learning, where Dress Makers, Fashion Designers, etc. are equipped with adequate knowledge and modern skills required in the industry. Been to CYID have remain a period and time Nnamani C. I. David Jr. and The King's Ultimate Touch Concpets' Co. LTD. will remain grateful for, our vision and mindset in/of business have been positively impacted. Our awakening to business strategies, marketing, financial discipline and commitment to excellence are all thanks to the training I received. The King's Ultimate Touch Concepts Co. LTD will always remain indebted to CYID.
Nnamani C. I. David
The King's Ultimate Touch Concepts