The RETURN READMISSION & REINTEGRATION is an initiative and one the thematic areas of the CYID Mixed Migration Support Working Group.The overarching objective of this Thematic Group is to analyze the baseline situation of the return, readmission and reintegration processes in Nigeria. It will also identify specific challenges and/or weaknesses and the concrete steps towards improving coordination among key actors.

The thematic group will identify, engage and bring together a network of officials involved in the management of return, readmission and reintegration of migrants in Nigeria. The working group recognizes that the scale of this trend requires a coordinated effort to bring together governmental authorities to discuss return policies and mechanisms. 

Participants of the Return Readmission and Integration will review and discuss national and regional initiatives on return and reintegration, such as assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR) programs and migration flow management, lessons learned, best practices and the set-up of a monitoring and evaluation system.

Furthermore, this thematic area also works on strengthening migrants assistance and sustainable reintegration frameworks in Nigeria.