May 15, 2018
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CYID Returnee Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (CREDI)


(CREDI)  is a social investment program implemented through establishment of a training and referral services for returnee migrants to enhance a sustainable reintegration and increase capacity for job creation and employment.

Many migrants, after their return try to take up jobs or set up a business but in many cases face many complications and setbacks in the process. The added problem which they face in the society is social stigma and lack of respect from the community.

The Returnees Reintegration Program will focus on assisting individuals and families of Nigerians/West Africa origins, who are returning to their respective countries either voluntarily or deported to re-establish a functional life.

Deportees/survivors of trafficking are often left to cater for themselves upon arrival in a country that does not have the infrastructure to systematically rehabilitate and reintegrate them back into society. The lack of an integrated and methodical approach exposes the returnees to a host of problems and dangers.

Quite a number of returnees who’ve tried to start up small businesses, did not take into thought of their business environments and particular encounters of the business sector/proposal before venturing into their chosen enterprise and eventually become frustrated having met with many unforeseen challenges. 

Therefore,” The program will comprise of Meet and Greet services, Welcoming receptions, Needs assessment, Enterprise Based Vocational Training (EBVT), Entrepreneurship & Leadership Skills, Referrals, Trauma Healing sessions, Counselling and Monitoring Services including temporary accommodation for a period of 3 months

Returnee migrants is becoming increasingly important for Nigeria because, of the socio-economic impact it usually have on the individuals, the families, and the communities of return. In particular, the successful reintegration of returnees represent a key aspect of the Nigerian migration management policy.

The successful reintegration has two interrelated dimensions i.e. the personal success which entails the social and economic security for the returnee as an individual, and the contribution of returnees to the economic and social development of the country of origin.

If the returns’ process contributes to both dimensions, it promotes further chances of returns in the future and hence advocates more development for local communities.

CREDI was funded by Dr. Bernward Jopen, Director Steinbeis-Transfer-Institute Innovation & Business Creation. Munich Germany.